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All rights reserved.. Canadian Court to determine constitutionality of laws preventing supervised drug-injection sites The British Columbia Court of Appeals this week is hearing a case to decide whether certain parts of Canada’s Controlled Medications and Substances Act that prevent injection medication users from accessing services at the supervised drug-injection facility Insite in Vancouver, Uk Columbia, are constitutional, Toronto’s Globe and Mail reports . Insite, which is funded by the British Columbia provincial federal government and has received research financing from the Canadian government, includes booths for IDUs to inject drugs in addition to room in which users could be monitored for overdoses. Vancouver has one of the highest illegal medication use rates in North America, with as many as 12,000 IDUs in the Vancouver metropolitan region, 30 percent of whom are HIV-positive and 90 percent of whom possess hepatitis C. Continue reading

Along with testing the hypothesis that yeast could be a good model program for studying KP1019, researchers wanted to identify how the drug was internalized by cells. KP1019 was taken up within two hours and caused a dose-dependent upsurge in cell death. It was also found to delay cell proliferation within one hour, most the result of KP1019 binding to and damaging DNA likely. More research must be done on what KP1019 is normally internalized, stated Hanson. Continue reading