Hongquan Liu, the CEO of Simcere. ‘Merging Orencia SC with our existing portfolio in rheumatoid arthritis treatment, we are committed to delivering more effective and innovative medicines to Chinese patients.’ Mr. Hongquan Liu commented further, ‘Moving forward, we will continue to execute on our partnering technique and to bring in more late-stage programs and products currently approved outside of China, to complement our R&D pipeline and strengthen our in-marketplace portfolio.’ ‘We are pleased to partner with Simcere on Orencia SC, shifting beyond our companies’ original focus on early development activities to a partnership centered on the clinical development and commercialization of one of our presently marketed products,’ said Beatrice Cazala, executive vice president, Commercial Operations.Stan Farrell. Usually the two conditions are related but are not directly correlated in all cases. Unlike simple snoring, OSA could be potentially life-threatening, requiring medical attention. Dr. Farrell has developed an intraoral appliance which may be an alternative solution for patients not attempting to undergo surgery or attempting to avoid the use of a Positive Airway Pressure unit, also called a CPAP. Intraoral products enlarge the pharynx, allowing a substantial improvement in snoring if patients are appropriately pre-screened with regard to their individual anatomy.