Colloidal silver a synopsis Colloidal Silver may be the most recent discovery of medical science in the field of best effective antibiotics. Antibiotics are medicinal agents that may eliminate or pacify help and micro-organisms in faster recovery lire la description . Colloidal Silver is diagnosed with different heath friendly properties which can eliminate germs, fungus, and bacterial infection almost instantly.

Collexis Holdings, Inc. Acquires SyynX Solutions GmbH, Expands Application Portfolio Collexis Holdings, Inc. has obtained its long-time development partner, SyynX Solutions, a privately-held software company located in Cologne, Germany. The SyynX management team shall be part of the Collexis Holdings administration team. The joint background of both businesses: SyynX and Collexis had been founded at the same time in 1999 as offspring of an EU funded research project. SyynX started then to build up elements of the fingerprint technology for Collexis. In less than a decade Collexis is just about the market innovator of knowledge applications especially for the scientific context.