The authors were unable to assess the threat of hospital admission particularly among children in whom these circumstances were severe. Significantly, the analysis also discovered that having multiple medical conditions increased the chance of children with influenza getting hospitalised. The %age of children admitted to hospital improved from 48 percent in kids with one condition to 74 percent in children with more than one condition. Regarding to Dr Wang: Policy makers have to be conscious of which sets of children should be prioritised when providing interventions to avoid influenza and influenza-related problems, particularly during influenza epidemics and pandemics.Eating disorders may be observed at the start of the disease but are more apparent in the centre stage. The person has problems swallowing and chokes frequently. Epileptic seizures can develop.. Are Canadian physicians passing the test? Canada isn’t keeping pace with countries like the United Claims and the United Kingdom in revalidating the competence of its physicians, writes Dr. Wendy Levinson, seat of the University of Toronto’s department of medication. Programs to make sure that doctors preserve their skills and knowledge are essential yet most provincial standards lack external verification of whether doctors actually put their knowledge and abilities into practice.