Cardio3 BioSciences announces excellent results from C-Cure Stage II scientific trial for center failure The Belgian biotechnology company, Cardio3 BioSciences – a head in discovery and advancement of regenerative and protective therapies for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases – today announces positive six-month results, including significant functional and clinical benefit, from the Phase II clinical trial of its advancement programme C-Cure, designed as a novel stem cell therapy for heart failure based on breakthrough technology. Forty-five patients with severe heart failing of ischemic origin participated in the C-Obtain rid of multicenter Clinical Trial in Belgium, Serbia and Switzerland, and had been randomized to optimal standard of care and attention over baseline at the six month follow-up stage, as measured by echocardiography, as the mean LVEF increased only by 3.6 percent in patients signed up for the control group .

Cardiocom releases new pulse oximeter Today announced the discharge of its new pulse oximeter Cardiocom.’ says Daniel L. Cosentino, CEO and President.’ Cardiocom’s vertical integration ensures customers the highest quality, custom telehealth solutions at an affordable cost.